XR-R low pegs

Ok, well I'm the proud owner of a low/no use, CA tagged, '03 that I plan to use for long range desert/adventure use.

After riding ~200mi the weekend I picked it up, I gotta agree that everything I read/heard about the poor ergo's for a tall guy are absolutely true.

To that end (along with other changes) I'm looking for some "low" pegs to replace the stockers with.

Before ever riding an R, my intent was to replace the pegs with some IMS pro's. I've heard rumors that they're available in a "low-boy" version, but I've yet to see them for sale anywhere.

Which has lead me to look at other things - Powerpegz can be flipped to mount 1/2" lower, but the price of admission for for an idea that almost stikes me as "gimicky", for a peg they admit has to be occasionally rebuilt, really makes me hesitate - maybe they're worth the $$$, I don't know.

- ProMoto Billet offers some that also can be low mounted. I like the idea of the huge platform & the tilt/camber adjustment they claim to have, but they're every bit as expensive as the Powerpegz, look like they'd rip the by-golly out of my boot sole & I havn't heard/read anything good (or bad) about them.

So I'm hoping for some feedback, suggestions, or other options about getting lower pegs on this BRP.


To me, Piggy seems to have ground clearance issues as it is. I've had problems with the stock pegs hitting the ground with the correct sag.

I don't think lowering the pegs on the PIG is the right way to go. You would probably be better off raising the seat foam a 1/2 inch instead.

(I am 6'3")


JackAttack is on the right track...you shouldn't have to lower the pegs...

We have a friend who is 6'6" and he races 650r's...

The bike was designed around a Japanese rider (with a japanese male's size and build, height and weight...)

That why a sock BRP has low sitting handlebars... a regular sized yankee has to slump over the bars when standing up on the pegs...Bad ergos when stock...

I'm 6'2"...so I bought a Scotts Submount stabilizer kit which comes with a higher sitting bar clamp...Then I used Pro Taper Carmichael Mid Bend bars and I have a Baja Designs soft seat (adds an inch on height)...I run the IMS pro pegs for their width and surface area....

I use this set up for pre running, but race with a stock seat.

If your 6'2", do what I did (don't forget the suspension mods)

If you're bigger than 6'2",, do what I did but get the Hi-bend bars...

PM me if you have any other ???'s


Thanks for the advice/input

The mods mentioned are exactly where I was headed. I'm 6'4" & wear a 36" inseam pant - in other words, I can actually straddle the bike flat footed in tennies, with enough clearance over the stock seat to sway the bike back-n-forth, side to side.

That being said I was thinking a tall seat was in order, and I was kinda taken with the BRP sub-mount system, though the stabilizer will have to wait a bit. I think their sub mount adds 2"(?) in height and moves the bar forward too - which I think's a good idea. A high-bend bars probably a good idea as well, 'cause right now, "standing" is not an option.

Guess the way to go is get the clamp, mount, bars & seat. Then see how I feel about things.

Thanks again for the input!


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