Installed my Zip Ty chain adjuster blocks today and let me thell you.......

those things are the biz!!!! They hold the axle in place even without it being tightened so that you can adjust your chain and that is simply where it is at. No checking back to realize that the blocks were not against the bolts when you checked em. The clear ticket!!!! Wooohooo!!!



I like the idea of the axle blocks staying put when you pull the axle. Also chain adjustment would be a bit simplified. One question though, if I needed to R^2 the wheel in a hurry, say to fix a flat during a dez race or enduro, how much time do you estimate would be lost screwing the adjusters in to make enough slop in the chain to get it off the rear sprocket and out of the way? Then you would have to re adjust the chain once you get things put back together. Is this right, or is there something about this design I'm missing? Thanks for any additional info.

there is no need to loosen the blocks to change the wheel. You simply take the axle out and slide the wheel forward, take the chain off of the sprocket and remove the wheel. (there is no other device holding the wheel in other than the axle) that is why this kit works so well. Also, it comes with a pointer end and a handle for the axle so that wheel changes go that much faster.

I hope this helps.




Thanks. I realize now my question was pretty dumb. I must have been half asleep when I was reading your original post and looking at these on Ty's site last night.


no problem.



Ronin-How much did they cost?

:D OK Ronin, on your head be it! I've ordered my Chain adjusters today ...ON YOUR recommendation! LOL :) So if they are no good.....I'll be round to have a word! :D He He :D

wayneo426, these babies cost about $69. not all that bad for the ease of use.

Guy, you will not be dissapointed, just and F.Y.I. though, they suck to install. that damned adjusting bolt is very tight (as not to back out while riding) and you need to start from thread one and screw them in with a box end wrench. Just make sure to use a ton of anti-seize to protect your swingarm.



:) Ronin, They are the D's-B's, top kit....I used the original Yam lock nut off the old adjuster cos mine weren't tight enough on their own :D and you were right about them being a pain to install, A LOT of threads on them there bolts !LOL :D

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