Newbie with a few Q's

'97 all stock XR600R

Dave's Mods? Where can I find this article. I see there is a video too?

gearing is too tall right now, what is a better front sprocket size/best source?

Snorkel, what does it look like? Is it the rectangular air inlet coming down from under the seat?

How do you attach pics?

Thanks in advance!


The 600R doesn't need the carb-mods, it comes with a manual-slide carb.

If you have a plastic restrictor in the top of the air-box, yep, pull it. If its just a collar that raises the inlet, but doesn't make it smaller, leave it in.

Sprocket source- TT?

Just be careful about the front sprocket manufacturer. JT, sunstar, both good. PBI- some problems.


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