2007 WR450 fork problem

Anybody having a stiff ride at the beginning of the stroke? Mostly on small, sharp edged bumps. Have you fixed the problem? If so, how? I'm going up one rate in stiffness so I can back the compression down. At 210lbs without gear, I think this may be a good start.

My valving was kinda stiff like you're describing when it was new but whoops and rocky terrain have given it a decent workout. Its now very plush.

The rear seems spot on, time to play with the clickers in the front

I went 2 clicks out on compression and 1 in on rebound.

I think it's the rebound that really does the trick :ride:

Same with the shock. Keeps the bike from getting kicked around on rocks and square edges.

By the way I'm 200lbs without gear. I ride woods 90% of the time, race speed. If your terrain is more open you might want to stiffen up on comp.

I rarely bottom with my setup, but I'm not a big jumper.

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