Jolly Roger MX Park in New Hampshire??

Can anyone tell me about Jolly Roger MX Park ( I have the bug AGAIN to sky off of some real MX jumps, and am looking at dusting off the MX skills and racing MX again this year (40+ senior). Does JR have any open practice? Their web page has not been updated yet.


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Kevin I think you can practice ride if you become a member of the track. I rode the pirate MX the last race of the season last fall on my DRZS, that was my first time on a MX track. Yeah I came in last in both moto's but I had FUN!!!! I'm 46yrs old, my knees were killing me for two weeks, I can't wait until spring. A friend of mine is trying to open a sports park in Townsend Ma. with a MX track and an indoor skate board arena. If you know any body that lives in that town tell them to vote for it in the spring....Ken


Any idea how to become a member, and what memebership requires? I was a member of Central Village MX track in Central Village, CT. We had to do time at the track, i.e. flagging, repairing, etc, w/ a little cash to back it up. It was great...We had the use of the track anytime EXCEPT for 1 week prior to scheduled race day. It was common to see Dougie Henry and John Dowdy there. Plus, every year before Southwick, some Pro Team would rent out the track (Yamaha).

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