Front tire XR650L

It's almost time to replace my front tire. I have a Pirelli MT18 front on my bike and have about 3,500 mixed miles on it. I typically run about 22 psi and am too lazy to air down most of the time. About 1500 miles ago I got a flat and so the tire was reversed when re-installed. I'm sure that has helped with longevity.

This tire is pretty good off road and really no complaints on the road either. It really bites into the dirt and is ok (not great) in sand. Anyway I'm thinking of either finishing the season with this one or just bite the bullet and replace it before Fall starts and the trails get full of leaves and mud.

Hoping to get more miles from the next one (I ride/commute all year) but still be good off road. New England woods are dark and muddy and tight and I hate it when the front washes out.

I have a new D606 for the rear. Any recommendations for the next front?

MT21.. like it alot.

I just put an MT18 on the front of my 650L. I only rode it about 20mi. seems like it should be a good off-road tire, seemed a little skitchey on the pavement (wich was wet) Probley will get bettter on the pavement once it gets a few miles on it. 3,500mi. seems like a lot for a tire with the knobs that spred out.

I am using the 606 on the front & love it. 600 miles on it mostly dirt & still looks brand new

606 front will last a while, when i got my bike it had 606s already on it and i have put on 1500 street miles and the rear is still kicking so im figuring the front will last 2 rears which will be well over 3000 miles on the street.

Some like the 606 front, some don't.

The MT21 is quite good, a lot less aggressive looking than the -18, but works better than it looks like it should.


doesnt wear welll on street but killer offroad.

+1 on MEFO's

TKC 80 Conti.

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