96 xr6r parts bike

I can get a 96 xr6r w/a shot top end. totaly rebuildable, for 600. sound good?

offer 500. may cost up to a 1000 with new piston, rings, cam, valves, springs, machining.

Buy it and don't fix it. Strip it into parts and sell everything on ebay. I'd guess on at least $1000 if not more like $1500. Take that cash and buy a bike that doesn't need so much work.

didnt think of that! good idea.

I was planning on useing the lower end of the 96 and putting the top end of my 86 on it. The countershaft splines on mine are gone, connecting rod .002 out of round and specs. it would cost several hundred to fix for parts alone. I did alot of work on my top end last year $$$ and don't want to lose that. I would also swap the front and back ends and anything else i could into my frame, (plated) then e-bay the left overs.

i might want the 86 bottom end for the kicker parts to install on my 650l.

I'am waiting on a job, should know in a week or so.

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