Jetting With R&d Power Bowl?

I just switched to blue after many years on a CRF450. I'm looking to clean up the bottom response on my new 07 YZ450F. I'm installing a R&D power bowl today and would like to address all the carb issues at once. All jetting and exhaust is stock. Fuel screw is 1 1/2 out. I race MX and all the tracks are at sea level. It's hot in the Northeast, 95 yesterday but most weekends are around 85-90. The R&D has the adjustable leak jet and a different spring for the AP instead of the oring fix. All advise is welcome as the Yamaha is new to me. Thanks...Doug

I tried the jetting forum without any luck.

Doug I would pm Dean at R&D for advice and test results.

My thoughts on this is that the 07 is lean off the pilot and the mj and needs to be 1 step richer,but the R&D may need special jetting

You might consider sending your carb for mods to Zip Ty Racing. I hear they run the Powerbowl on their race bikes now, and should be very familiar with the jetting needed. They also do some other tweaks to the carb, including a new billet AP setup. My carb is there right now!

I'd like to know if it works as advertised.

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