weight difference

hey all, i'm the proud owner of an 00 426, I was thinking about an 08 yz450f, can anyone tell me the weight difference of the two bikes, and will the new 08 make that much more improved riding, I ride the local mx track twice a week and once on the weekend, I haven't started to race yet, maybe next year.

thanx in advance

I think there is abot a 15lbs weight difference between the two, but there is much more to the new bike than that. The center of gravity is far better on the new bikes making them feel 50lbs lighter on the track. Plus the suspension on the new bikes is great (night and day) compaired to the 426's.

If you have the money, I would go for the new bike.:thumbsup:

I agree, the scale might not show huge differences in weight. But the feeling of the newer bikes is so much lighter it's almost unbelievable until you try it.

It's really about 15-20 pounds. Feels like 50 when you ride.

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