Wats the main difference between the 99 WR and the 00 WR

hi, guys wats the main difference between th 99 model WR and the 2000 model other then the carb?

Just off the top of my head, and from memory (scary), the Y2K model got some suspension upgrades, the steering head geometry was improved (bars a little further forward in the triple clamp, and fork angle tightened up for better turning response), easier clutch pull, and I think the gas tank is a little narrower. The newer FCR carb alone was a nice improvement.

Try searching the archives because I know the differences have been discussed.

the frame was shortened at the headstock by 5mm to put weight forward and aid grip. the frame was welded with a new weld for strength.

every year yam claim to have "improved the ignition" and that year i think they modified the advance to aid starting.

they may even have bumped up the output of the stator thingy.


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