A coupla dumb questions re: My XRR

Dumb question #1: I have a 97 XR600R w/BD kit and stock stator. My 1st BD headlamp had a 35/35w bulb, which I changed to 55/60w. After I installed the larger bulb, I noticed a considerable drain on battery. And at a stop, my blinker would not blink from the drainage. Is the drain caused by the larger bulb? I will proabably add a Ricky Stator soon anyway....

Dumb question #2: What is the def of 'BRP' (for XR's?) my guess is 'big red pig'???? My bike is white, so would mine be 'BWP' (Big White Pig) :excuseme:

Anyways, thought I'd throw those ?'s out there. Thanks in adv for any help.

need a stronger stator.

big red pig.:busted:

:thumbsup: Thanks!

At my house it goes like this:

TRP = tiny red pig = CRF50

LRP = little red pig = CRF70

BRP = big red pig = XR650R

GRP = giant red pig = BMW R1200GS (it's red also)

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