1986 XR600R Newb's got a question

Hey guys,

A buddy told my about this forum and said this would be a good place to post up a question about me buying the aformentioned bike....

So I am looking to buy 1986 Honda XR600R for $1600, is it worth it?

Guy says everthing on it is great.

Pictures look good.

Needs nothing.

Mileage approx 10k miles.

What should I look for when I go to check it out?

Is there any weakness for this particular year/model?

This could be my first thumper! :ride: but not my first bike...

Thanks ahead o'time...

look over the frame for any cracks at welds.

For an 86 $1600 seems a bit high. It is 21 years old. $1000 is more what it is really worth.

The biggest downside to an early XR600 are the damper rod forks. They work, but not as well as the cartridge ones that are in the 91 and on bikes. Another downside is the 17 inch rear wheel. This limits your tire choice.

not sure on the market there, but here in the denver area, that bike would go for 1200 tops. I just bought a cherry 97 XR600R with 1200 miles for 1700.

Good luck on the search, and dont rush. A great deal will come along.

Thanks guys, will do...

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