When the rod met the gearshaft..........

This is not my engine, it's of a friend of mine.

I haven't words.............:cry:








A little JB weld and some duct tape and he's as good as new.

You know I'm joking......

Seriously, send him my condolences.:cry:

Hey dont knock Jb weld, thats some great stuff

so what caused that??

wow! that thing must have been pushing some rpms when it grenaded!

Send that shiat to IRAG and blow them up LOL NASTY sad to see Sorry for your homie.

Thars sumthin' wrong widdat.

That ain't where the rod's supposed to go!


:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: Im feelin for ya, paint doesnt even look worn on the frame and did it have a e-start on it?

an xr650r air cooled conversion?

Ouch. I knew they wouldn't get along but... Let us know more details on what happened when you can.

Just ugly, utter carnage.

The rest of the story would be cool, now that we have gotten over the shock. Looks like real low miles/hours, has all the little dress up of someone that was really into his bike, chasing a street bike in the twisties? Just breaking the bike in? Holding high RPM on a new bike? What oil was he running, was it motard, hard, off and on again, street?

Another "bad" pics......................:crazy:

P.S. Later I will describe you what is happened to the engine.





:crazy: :crazy: very very -disastro- :cry: :cry: :cry:

that is an impressive failure! holy ****!

I didnt know they made 2-piece XRR motors??!!! Thats trick

Hey I thought these PIGs were supposed to be reliable. I wouldn't have thought that was even possible to do to an engine. He should get some kind of medal or something.

Another "bad" pics......................:crazy:

P.S. Later I will describe you what is happened to the engine.

Nice pics, So why don't you just provide a quick brief as to what happened? If it's a long story and you don't have the time to write out all the details, a brief statement would be sufficient. ie. extended high revs or oil pump went out or tried some after market part. Something like that would work.

Just my 2 cents.

Might actually prevent someone else from having the same issue.

Oh noes!

I love how "Made in Japan" is proudly stamped on the smashed rod.

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