Relay arm Bolt catching connecting rod?

Hi everyone!

I've recently bought a 1999 WR400 and I have noticed that the lock nut on the bolt that connects the shock to the relay arm is wearing away the connecting rod.... I have searched the forum but have not found anyone with a simelar problem.

It seems the bolt is too long for the gap between the sides but even the bolt head has marked the opposite side.

Could the suspension be too soft to allow the bolt to reach this point?

Could the wrong bolt have been fitted?

I could grind the end of the locknut off and refit with locktite...

Does anyone have any ideas Please??

Also I could use a new rear chain guide, would you stick to the genuine yamaha one or are there better/cheaper alternatives? If so what and where would you get it bearing in mind I'm in the UK!

Thanks for any help


I would find the online manual or look at another 400 to see if it is assembled correctly, my guess is that one of the bolts is in backwards? It shoud never hit anything.

TM designworks chain guide is the one you want, its expensive though:eek:

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