I'm looking to replace my stock tires as well and I'm having a hard time deciding on a tire too. I do the vast majority of my riding on-road...I'd say 95/5, so obviously it would be smart to focus on a road-friendly tire. Problem is, the vast majority of off-road riding I do is on sandy trails, where the stock tires, and I'm guessing most if not all road-friendly tires, are not good at all. When I do go out, I need to at least somewhat keep up with my friends on their trail bikes, so it has to be a consideration.

I'd actually like to get 2 sets, but the thought of swapping tires out is less than appealing.

Try a set of continental tkc 80's Excellent on road and there DOT.

I run about 20 in the front and 18 in the rear if I'm seeing dirt a lot. If I'm on the pavement a lot and say doing a long trip I may bump it up to 25 psi tops.

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