Rear brake pads wear!!!


Driven my WR426 -01 for 30h now. Seems like a very good bike. But the rear brake pads is worn out in like 10h!!! They front don't last long either, 15h. I use the OEM and they are not like free! Very expensive indeed. I hope this isn't normal wear...

In those 10h the bike runs like 50% enduro, 30% cross and 20% road. The rear disc is a little worn, but the front OK. The wheels turns free when on centerstand. Also been thinking of if I have the foot on the brake pedal while riding but I don't seem to.

Cheers mates

I went to "Braking" sintered metal pads. They last much longer than OEM ones, and provide good feel.

It may not be the pads are the calipers floating free on the pins? are the rotors "Roached"? is there fresh fluid in the calipers? are the pistons retracting?

Is the fluid resivoir too full causing the piston not to retract? How is the free play adjustment?

Let us know what happens!

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