Did I damage my motor?

Looking for some thoughts on this.....I bought this 2002 WR426 a couple months ago - its near perfect and the owner was meticulous. To my own fault, I never bothered checking the oil level (after owning 35+ cycles, I should know better). I rode it about 20 miles, 95 degree heat, getting on it fairly good in some open trail riding. Tonight I decided to change the oil and filter and discovered it had maybe a half quart in the bike. I cleaned the air filter, did the oil and filter change and replaced/flushed coolant. The bike has used Honda HP Synthetic oil since new and maybe has 800-900 miles total on it. It seems to be running and shifting fine. Any thoughts on if the motor was damaged during my 20 miles with half a quart in the crankcase?

At least it had some oil in it. I wonder how long it only had 1/2 a quart in it?

It only is supposed to have about 1/2 quart in the crankcase. The rest should be in the frame tank. Did you drain that??

Thanks - yeah - drained frame and case, cleaned strainer, replaced filter.

Something bothers me about this...... meticulous previous owner didn't check the oil level? :excuseme:

you're probably fine. the fact that it runs smooth and shifts good tells you that. check the cam lobes for any scoring. thats easy. keep an eye on that in the future, just to make sure it's not a consumption problem.

Unfortunatly, only time will tell.

Not much you can do about it now. I wouldn't worry too much about anyway. As said above, cam lobes are really susceptable to scoring in low oil conditions

Guys, he didn't drain the frame.

Guys, he didn't drain the frame.
He said he did? Anyway, the 1/2 qt it did have probably saved you!

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