Wiseco Rings, which is top and second?

In the process of putting in a new Wiseco piston. There is a black ring and a copper colored one, no instruction of which is top and second ring. I have the copper colored one on top right now, as it fits better on the piston. The second ring groove is thicker as is the black ring, so I think I have them on correctly...I'd just like some confirmation.

You have it right. They didn't give you any instructions? Have you checked the ring end gap? If not, place the ring byitself into the cylinder using the piston to push the ring down a ways. This helps to get the ring in straight so you can measure the end gap. Then measure accross the cylinder to see how big the bore is. Say it is 3.5 inches for example. wiseco say's that you should have .004" clearance of end gap per inch of bore. So your end gap shoud be .004+.004+.004+.002= .014". Also, when you put the rings back on the piston, I always place the ring end gaps 180 degrees away from each other. I place the ring gaps on each side of the piston because the piston will typically wear more on the front side and back side. This keeps the the ring gaps away from the typical wear spots. This is more evident on two strokes than four.

Hope this helps

Cool, thanks for the quick reply. They gave instructions, just no way of ID'ing the rings (the oil ring being the obvious).

Back to wrenchin'

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