new slip-on i need to re-jet???

I want to upgrade my Older style FMF exhaust with one of the White Bros E2 slip-on exhaust and I was wondering if I need to re-jet the bike.

A couple of my friends said that since I was just replacing my muffler that I did not need to re-jet.

I have not purchased the new exhaust yet but i want to make sure I have everything i need before I start to mess with my bike...

Thanks for your input!!!

Patrick M.

You shouldn't need to rejet, at the most you may need to slightly adjust your air/fuel screw.

I installed the white bro. E2 on my '06 YZ 450F a couple of months ago and have not had to touch the jetting or the fuel mixture screw. Runs great!

Thanks for the input....

I was going to buy the E2 slip exhaust next week.... I will report bakc with a track test.

Patrick M.


How do you all like your White Bros. E2 Exhaust???

Does it give you more low end power???


Patrick M.

get a jardine u wont beleive te diffrence it will be a rocketship on the topend

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