2007 WR450 vs. 1982 XR500R

New age 4 strokes don't thump they scream with severely oversquare bore to stroke rations and roadrace rpm. They are hp kings but aren't as user freindly as the old motors.

Hey guys , Got a simple question for you.

Does anybody know the seat height for the 82 xr 500 Honda. I used to own one and it was a bit tall for me but no problems. I`m now looking at getting back into bikes but the darn XL 650 is 37 inch seat height.


I want to know the height of the old XR 500 for comparison.  I cant even begin to get a tape measure under my crotch at 37 inches but I know the bikes sage quite a bit though.




Thanks in advance

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7 year old thread

wrong forum

Whoops. My appologies , Just new to the forum

Motorcycle specs.co.za

Shows the 05 wr450 makes 58 hp / 42.3 kw @ 9000 rpm and 49 nm / 33.1 lb/ft @ 7000 rpm

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