upgrading 07 xr650l

I have a 650L with a few thousand miles and have about 4000 dollars to put into in.I want to make it have as much power as possible and be a monster but still have it be street legal and reliable.Ive thought about the edelbrock carb,the sprocket change,the higher commpression piston,the hot cam camshaft stage 2,the pro circuit T4,grinding header welds etc etc....any advice,tips,help would be greatly apperciated.

Chevyguy, carb will help the throttle response, top-power not so much (probably).

Higher comp piston, cam, and muffler make it a new bike- and you don't need to spend nearly 4 large on it!

Hey, anywhere near central NY?

Dave (near cortland)

hicomp piston, cam, xr's full stainless exhaust and a fcr 41 pumper carb and you'll have a firebreathin' squealer!

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