426 died while idling and won't start


Today when I was thinking about going riding I started my bike (is strated from first kick ). I let it idle on choke for 10 secounds and then turn of the choke. Then bike idled for 20 secounds and sudenly died so I wanted to start it again and after 2 shots from exhaust (first 2 kiks) and after few more kiks without any sound I gave up.

Could you tell me what could it be?

My bike likes killing plugs but never while engine is runing. I allways had to change the spark plug when it won't start.

That is my secound problem. My bike kils the spark plugs once or twice a month (I'm riding 12 times a month).

oh and I've cleaned the air filter the day before starting and washed the bike two days before starting.

A cold engine needs a richer mixture than a hot one, and not just to start. It also does not need a rich mixture to start and run cold, and then suddenly need the leaner mixture it uses when it's completely warmed up. The fuel requirements will change gradually as the engine moves from cold to full operating temperature.

For that reason, the restarts that occur when the engine is somewhere between cold and hot can be a little tricky to figure out what the engine wants you to do, exactly. Usually, I will give it one twist, leave the choke off, and kick it with the throttle very slightly off idle.

You may also simply be running it at an idle too long when it's cold, and soot fouling the plugs, or you may be running too cold a spark plug. It should be a CR8E, or equivalent.

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