Gear for wife?

Well, I finally did it. She had been hinting at it for awhile and I woke up a few Fridays ago and says to myself, "today's a good day". Got the wife a TTR125L. Brand spanking new and all shiny blue. She's like "why'd you do that" and I'm thinking she's all mad and I just wasted a bunch of money. Turns out she's scared to death of riding it. She did great the first time EVER on a motorcycle (never stalled it once, which is more than I think most of us can say for our first time). Hey, there's a good topic for discussion...."Do you remember your first time on a motorcycle"?.

ANYWAY...She asked me about WOMEN SPECIFIC PANTS AND GEAR and I'm like...???...daaa...Idunno. Any sites out there you know about?????

Thanks for the help.

This is one for the ladies i think but I am jumping in anyway.

I know of one co. that makes women stuff. Vixen. Ok I'm out.


Oh Oh!!!! IMHO you have made a grave error. Now you have to load 4 to 5 times as much stuff every time you ride. Take it from a man who knows. When the wife rides we fill my truck with useless crap. When I go alone I have a bike and tool box in the back.

j/k...Have fun.

sarah checked out your website. You rock. So so does your site. How long you been at thumpertalk. Havent seen you around.

Ok I'LL bite. What kind of gear do you want to trade for your wife. Can you send a pic of her first. I mostly have Thor stuff.

Both Fox and MSR make riding gear designed for women.

There are currently 5 manufacturers of women's gear. Vixen, MC gear, Fox, MSR, and Oneal. Here is a link to pictures I've taken of 4 out of 5; I am still waiting for my ONeal gear. I am writing a product review article for it, as soon as I have product to review.

The Fox seems to be better for normal sized and larger women; the smallest size they make will be baggy on the petite gals. It is very pretty in bright yellow and blue. Pants about $140, jersey $40-50

The MSR seems to fit better, and is more subtle in grey and black with yellow stripes. It is also cheaper--the pants are $89, no specific jersey to match.

The MC Gear fit very well and looked great, plainer design in either blue and white or red and black, matching gloves also in ladies' sizes, and had a pretty wide range of sizes. Not for the hippy--it is pretty short from the bottom of the zipper to the waist band.

The Vixen was the most comfortable to wear, with a liner in the pants that was very very nice. You wouldn't need to wear shorts under it. The jersey runs pretty small though, and (after asking all my moto friends) the design was a love-hate thing.

Here are some links:

There are several companies that make gear (or at least pants) for women:


DM Sports: 949-837-2206

Vixen: (I think)

I've worn the Fox pants and they are really comfy.

ACERBIS will be coming out with some soon too.

As far as her fear of riding, etc. Get her to the Dirtbike School asap!! I know a ton of people who have taken it (even experienced riders) and they all report having a total blast and learning way more than they realized they needed to. It's geared for total beginners and they will even supply bikes, etc. It's a one day school, super fun.

Hope that helps!


Thanks to Firecracker and Sarah for the useful information. She's quite open to learning how to ride and I've read enough posts in the past to know to be patient. The school sounds like a great idea.

Sorry Boxsterboy, no trade.

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