Headlight help?

Is there a brighter headlight bulb that I can buy at the local autoparts store for my XR650L?I don't want to buy a aftermarket light right now.I ride to and from work in the dark,and the stock light could be a little brighter.

I'm pretty sure that it is a H4 bulb. There are a bunch of options. The 650L has plenty of watts available. Get a higher wattage bulb. This is a great site for bulbs with no BS. http://www.rallylights.com/hella/H4.asp Lots of higher wattage bulbs on that page. Most sites have nothing but BS about higher wattage bulbs. Nine times out of ten they will advertise "100W light output", but they are only 55 watt bulbs.

what does the L stator put out?

That is a good question Martinfan30.

I've read somewhere here that it's about 170-180.Do a search on headlights or stator,there should be something.Good luck.

I took my headlight out,went to the autoparts store,and found that the H4 bulb is what the auto guys are calling a 9003.Sylvania bulbs makes the Silver Star,it the next brightest bulb next to HID,so they say.It's 4000 kelvin rated?Anyways it is alot brighter.Cost under $20.00,and it's alot whiter.Thanks for all your help!

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