XR650R suspension on a 650L?

Has anyone put XR650R suspension on a 650L?

Does it work?

Let's hear about it if you did.

you can put whatever you want on anything, you just have to be willing to pay a lot of cash to do it. Lets see for the front end, totally remove your front end (basically everything that attaches to the head tube) buy a 650R front end, take the frame to a machine shop and have them work their magic to make the pieces fit and aside from a ton of other fitting issues no big deal. All in all if you have someone do the machine work and you buy a new front end. Youll spend about 3-4K and have the 650R's outdated suspenssion instead of the 650L's outdated suspenssion. Your better bet would to replace it with a CR500 front end (much more current forks, their even inverted) then pay a grand to have them upgraded, then 3-4k to get them to fit on your head tube then you should have some real suspenssion in the front. Or get your forks upgraded to the best they can for about a grand (less if you do all the labor) and youll still have outdated forks but theyll be really nice outdated forks. Or you can just buy a bike thats modern for about 5-10K that will eat any XR alive. Good luck and remember if you want to play you have to pay :thumbsup:

So has anyone done it yet?

well i havent done xr650r frontend on my 650L, but the crf450 frontent i have on it seems to be working quite well and looks cool too :thumbsup:

I did the inverted front end on my 650L and my XR440. It can be done parts and revalving included for about $500 to $600. The twin chambered Showa forks are a drastic improvement. The Kayabas on the 650R are the best conventional fork out there IMHO. There was no need for machine work to the frame. I machined the CRF steering stem for the 440 to fit the XR bearings and hardware, but used the Emig stem for the 650L. You can see the results in "My Garage".

Yeah I have no problem using the 650R suspension. I have a extra set that has been revalved and resprung by Precision Concepts.

Basically, I'm having a tough time finding a legit DSed (pre 04) 650R for dual sporting. There are a ton of 650Ls on the used market. I have extra 650R front wheels, calipers, stems, and I can get whatever triple clamp I want from BRP for cost.

I had a 650L for awhile when I was in college and my dad has one that he commutes on so I know what I'm getting into as far as the weight and it being a "old world motorcycle."

If I could run my suspension on the bike, that would be perfect. I just wonder if it's been done.

I have USD on my 250X that I use for enduros; but I'm born and bred on XR suspension. The 650R's suspension is the high water mark for me. I've made it work for top 20s in D37, it should be good enough on a DS rig.

I don't know. Maybe I should just wait until the right plated R comes along. They seem to be few and far between. Whenever I see one that's clean enough to call on, the guy can't answer my questions regarding the plate either because he doesn't understand why I'm asking the questions I'm asking, or, he's hiding something.

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