96 XR600R countershaft problems

ok, from all the people Ive talked to this is a fluke but I want to be sure. My countershaft (the one the small front sprocket goes on) teeth were worn down to the point where the front sprocket wouldnt stay on the shaft. I put a retainer clip on it as a temporary fix and it worked for a while but the front sprocket eventually just stripped off all of the teeth on the sprocket. Now I have to split the case to put a new counter shaft in. Im worried that this will happen again, Has anyone had any problems with the counter shaft teeth weraing out? To the point where the sprocket comes off (it would have a little play and it would wiggle until it aligned with the teeth then just pop off and yes the retainer on the front of the sprocket is on, the teeth on the sprocket just got worn.) Ive talked to several mechanics and no one has ever heard of the teeth on the countershaft wearing out and the sprocket falling off, so I hoping its just a fluke or something the previous owner did, and I wont have to replace countershafts every 2 years. :thumbsup:

I think you mean countershaft "splines"?:excuseme:

Make sure that you get a quality countershaft sprocket. The same thing happend to one of my friends. I think it was a PBI brand. Most aftermarket ones are fine. I have a Rocky Mountain Tusk house brand on my 600. It is built and machined just as good as a stock Honda sprocket.

The bad one that my friend had was much narrower than the stock sprocket. This put all the load on a smaller part of the countershaft and wore out the splines.

No matter what I think that they will eventually wear out. I have a 93 and I will only get another year or two before it's countershaft time. It will be 15 years old then which seems OK to me.

I've seen another PBI problem- the keeper splines were not directly aligned opposite the countershaft splines. So, just a little wiggle room allowed the keeper to wear enough that the sprocket moved out over the keeper groove, and the sprocket stripped.

The root cause was the holes in the sprocket, where the keeper bolts on, were not in the right place.

Usually the splines stripping is the result of:

a) early model XR600s had a lower spline count, which was too weak

B) a sprocket that is too 'hard', has the wrong tolerances, or as cleonard decribed, has the spline area too narrow.



Ok thanks for the help. Like I said no one I talked to has ever heard of a counter shaft splines going bad. But it seems to me that they would wear out eventually.All it takes is a small amount of wear to make the sprocket wiggle and its all just a matter of time until it wears its self out.(maybe its just the fact most people dont have 12 year old bikes and never have to worry about this problem) I am going with a stock counter shaft, however if anyone knows of a better brand let me know. Again thanks for the help :thumbsup: . As far as the sprocket I usually go with Sunstar, I havent had any fitting issues in the past.

Like the man said, never heard of this and I've had 2 600s and my son had 1, lots of friends had them. I sold my '91 XR600 last year, had gosh knows how many miles on it, lost track, countershaft splines in fine condition. I use Sunstar sprockets front and rear (steel).

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