Please Help Before I Hammer It To Death

could someone tell me how to get the fork cap loose from the rest of the crap under it. i unscrewded it and everything inside wants to pull out with it. how does it seperate? forks are still on the bike, 99wr400f. thanks :foul::banghead:

The cap is threaded to the stuff inside too. I don't have the manual in front of me right now. If you don't get an answer soon I'll go look it up.

this is my first time messing with these type of forks. how can you unscrew the cap from the stuff?

Get a open end wrench, can't remember what size and hold the nut under the fork cap. While holding the nut break the cap loose with a wrench or socket. The cap will spin off.

You're going to need a service manual. Cirus advice is correct, but when you go to reassemble the distance that the lock nut is from the top is very important for the valving to work properly. If you're just changing seals, my advise is to not take them apart any further than getting the cap off. Manuals are available on line as a download. Good luck

thanks for the replys guys. got it done. thanks again

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