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Corbin gap fix

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As a refresher the corbin top tongue caused my tank clip to crack


The first thing to do was get rid of the part of the corbin tongue the contacted the tank clip


Then I made this peice to hook on the tank clip, it has the fork tongue b/c there is a little thing in the tank clip that would interfere. This or a similar design is the peice CORBIN should have been making


The slots allow me to adjust the gap


Drilled and tapped the corbin tongue and mounted the new tongue


Saddle mounts easily, like the stock. I forgot to upload the pic of the saddle and the new gap. It's not real tight but it is real solid and does not make any noise. I could tighten it up but it puts a lot of stress on my cracked tank clip as you are really trying to bend the pan. As it is with about a 1/4" gap up top, nothing is really strained and you wouldn't notice the gap (if you haven't been living it for the last month :foul: )

I will bitch no more. My ass was so happy to be back in the corbin it was whistling zippidy doo da riding in this morning

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nice fix, your fabrication skills never fail to impress

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