Clutch cable/adjustment help

I've searched and searched and I apologize in advance for any redundancy but I am stumped. I recently replaced my stock clutch lever and perch with an anodized one from Pit Posse and now I have the quick adjuster adjusted almost all of the way out and the engine end is at it's max adjustment. I removed the cable and took it to the dealer for a comparison to a new cable thinking mine was stretched, it's not. One other tidbit, the spring on the release arm seems really sloppy, is this normal? Any help, ridicule or comments would be greatly appreciated. The clutch performs well. Minor details... it's on a '01 yz426f

Thank you.

Measure the distance between the point in the lever where the cable inserts, and the point at the adjuster where the cable housing seats. Compare this with your OEM lever. Odds are, it's too short, and is not compatible with your YZF.

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer. Thank you for the information.

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