Tail rack for the L

I posted this on another thread, but in case someone was looking for a quality tail rack I am posting on a new thread.

Just got the tail rack in, and like most of you I went tearing through my toolbox just to get my lastest addition onto the Pig. Well before I did that I weighed the rack, and it came in at 2lb 12oz. Being a welder for 10+ years it is actually quality work. All welds are of pretty good quality and the powder coating is very nice. It comes with two replacement bolts for the turn signals and as a plus they are metric also. I can see no flaws to make me not recommend it to anyone. It installed rather easily, only took about 5 min to get the old one off and install the new. The under frame was tweaked abit, and it took a little persuading to get the left side bolt in. The rack feels very solid and i gave it a few hard tugs and it almost lifted the rear ties off the ground, so I have to say its solid. It may not be a nice shiny aluminum rack, but this one is nice and at half the cost, it is worth it to me

Here is the link and it has some good pics of the rack



I like that one a lot more than the other one on Ebay. Cheaper too.


I have that one and it works very well.

Bought the same rack on Ebay. It took me like 3 hours to get the sucker on though. The holes did not want to line up. If I had a buddy with me to lift up on the rear fender I could have had it on in like 10 minutes.

It's sweet though.

A buddy and i bought the same ones and love them :thumbsup: Awesome quality, very well made :ride:

Thanks for the info! I've been on the fence about picking this rack up for a while now because I wasn't sure about how it would work out. I think I'm definitely going to be picking that one up.

I bought one of these and am well pleased. The powder coating is virtually indestructable. It looks great on my '06 650L - the black finish flows with the black seat top and the rounded profile looks as if it belongs. This might not be as true with some other years and color schemes. It could use some tangs or something to keep bungies in place. I am thinking about drilling several small holes and inserting bolts with nylon lock-nuts for this purpose. If done right, and with small enough bolts, I don't think it would significantly weaken the tubing or spoil the finish.

I just got one of these racks for an upcoming trip to Death Valley. Installed in less than 10 minutes. I'm going to get the side racks now.

Is there any contact info for this seller other than ebay? I'd like to buy one, but I don't wanna go through ebay. :thumbsup:

In the progressive photo display you can save the photos and look at the design. I think most folks could weld up that little guy with a bit of mig welding behind them and some time with measurement tools. The powder coating is what's tough.

I'm going to try it quite soon. There may be some short-cuts as well. I've seen some pretty creative racks from guy's who couldn't weld (but they could turn a wrench). -{But if you don't like to play; $65 is cheap.}-

Oh, you could check out Baja Designs for a pre-fab (I don't like eBay either).

If you eliminated the stock turn signal mounts, then this rack won't fit without shims. If you have a Maier MX rear fender, then the rack will be difficult to mount.

I have the dimensions of this rack and plan on building a modified version. Mounts will be to the inside of tubing and 1" longer to accommodate missing Turn signal mounts and Maier fender. Rounded corners are nice for when you eject from the bike.


You can email him to ask any questions through Ebay before you buy. That is what I did. He is flexible about payment methods and communicates extremely well. Quick turn around and no hassles. His Ebay name is losi3030. He was great to do business with.


Will this fit on a XR400R? Where can I get the side rack?


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