NO Grease!!!!

I read all the posts about Dry Steering Stem and Swingarm Bearings on the wr 426's, so I decided to check this out. There wasn't enough grease there to slick your hair back with, the bearing greaser at the yamaha factory must be some preppy &%$#@! that don't want to get his little hands dirty. I'm tearing the swingarm down tonight, I'm sure it's the same.

I just finished the Swingarm, same thing no damn grease, It's a shame to have to take a brand new bike into that many pieces before it's even broken in. I've also added a skid plate, Answer brush guards, Acerbis front disc guard, Dr. D's hot start kit, removed the airbox lid, Installed a 170 main jet. I still have a little flat spot when I twist up fast, I'm gonna try a larger pilot jet and or raising the needle.

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