Whats so good bout CA

Im in wisconsin. I want to live in California. I am fifteen. I am stuck here. Will some describe california riding for me. Is there a lot or areas to ride at? Please inform me

I could lie and tell you that America's Dairyland has all the offerings of the west, but I just couldn't live with myself if I did. I grew up riding dirt bikes on a farm in Northern Illinois, and have lived all over the place including Europe since I graduated from college. I've got to admit, when it comes to riding dirt bikes there is no place better than Arizona. California has similar offerings, but I couldn't stand living in such a liberal state. We've got every type of terrain within 2-3 hours, millions of acres of wide open desert, and no one bitching about noise pollution or the environment (or not many anyway). Even the police don't mind dirt bikes. Once I was riding from my house to some trails and had to ride (illegally) past a parked police car. Instead of just blowing by the parked cop, I decide I would stop and ask him how much trouble I was going to be in for riding my dirt bike on the road, and he told me none, as long as I didn't drive like an idiot or kick up any dirt from along side the road. He sent me on my way and told me to go have a good time. Where I grew up, I probably would have been cuffed and taken downtown. The moral of the story is.. work hard in school, get a solid education, and you'll be able to live wherever you want and can ride well into old age like all us geezers who frequent this forum. Man I love this place!!



I moved to the Phoenix area from CO Springs 2 years ago and haven't been able to find a place to ride that even closely compares to CO. Where are the good places to ride within 2-3 hours of Phoenix? Hook me up dude!


What type of riding do you like? If you like wooded high terrain, there are some great places North and West of Phoenix (toward Flagstaff or Globe). Then of course there's the standard desert stuff around Phoenix including some good loops around the White Tank and Estrella mountains. If you like motocross, Canyon Raceway (near Lake Pleasant) and Speedworld are the only tracks I've been to, but I think there is at least one more. I know some guys who have had a good time down near Tucson, although I'm not sure that its much different than what we have right here around Phoenix. If you want more details about the stuff North of Phoenix, e-mail me and I can give you more details.


First of all, Brad, not everyone is CA is a bleeding heart liberal! :) Ok, I moved to San Diego about a year ago and I've been frustrated by the riding opportunities here. The econazi regime is very strong here and you have to drive a ways to get to ride. The riding you can get to is great (desert) however; you can't ride year round. It's just too hot in the summer. In addition, the riding is very dusty. Personally, most of the guys I know here ride the tracks. I prefer off-road and feel very limited here.

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I grew up and lived in Cal for 36 years. We used to ride all over the place and as the years past the available land became almost extinct. It is available but not plentiful. The south has the desert and MX tracks and the north has the mountains.

With population comes control. I would think Arizona, New Mexico, Utah or Colorado should provide some un-encumbered riding.IMHO!

But definitely the hottest babes!!!!



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I am suprised people don't ride New England more. New Hampshire riding rocks. Every day I ride, I find new trails. If you like enduro riding and 100mi plus rides, I have it in New Hampshire. Dirt bikes are welcome in so many places. NH even has programs and $$$ to expand it's OHRV territory. I love it here. I do want to go on trips and ride other places, but the riding variety in NH is incredible.

What's so good about California?

1. Girls.

2. Year-round motorcycle riding.

3. Girls.

4. Just about every type of motorcycle riding under the sun (except ice racing?).

5. Girls.

6. The beach.

7. Girls in bikinis. :)

8. The Elsinore Grand Prix

9. Did I mention Girls?

10. Surf, Ski, and Ride all in the same day.

What's wrong with California?

1. Too many people.

2. Traffic (1-1/2 hours to get to the desert at 5:00 am, takes at least 3 hours to get home at 5:00 pm).

3. The cost of living here is ridiculous.

4. Green Stickers / Red Stickers/ No Stickers.

5. Eco-Freaks trying to save the planet from people just trying to have fun.

6. Forest Adventure Passes.

7. Fences erected by the BLM using Green Sticker money.

8. The Department of Motor Vehicles.

9. Gun control.

10. Barbara Boxer & Dianne Feinstein.

Just for fun

Whats so good about NH

1. Awsome trails and mountain riding

2. lots of trees and twisty riding

3. super easy to register bikes for the road

2 and 4 stroke

4 easy to pass inspection

5. tax free

6. Moderate cost of living

7. state plans on expanding ohrv riding areas

8. Long winters.

Whats not so good.

1. Girls

2. Girls in flanel

3. Big girls in bikini's on the beach

4. Girls that THINK they are in shape

5. Cold Beach water

6. long winters

7. girls after winter

Another good thing about CA... you can ride with all your heros. I pulled in from the track Saturday to find Jeremy McGrath parked next to me changing into his gear. Did I mention it was 75 degrees and clear blue skies at Elsinore?

Oh ya, the girls are good here too.

Ron in So Cal

You did not mention the major problem with California, I think they call it Gray Davis, or is it Gray Matter? Tax and spend....that is.

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