how to reduce swelling in my black eye?

so guys, long story short, i was at a party, kid comes up to me, hits me, i turn around and give him a brutal beating and just walk back inside, go to the bathroom cuz i see a bunch of blood on my shirt, and see my eye, it is completely swollen, almost to the point that its closed, luckily the blood was not mine. anyways, my eye is really swollen, i have taken 2 alieves and 2 aspirin, even though it doesnt hurt i thought it could help reduce swelling. i have been keeping ice on it too, but i was wondering if there is anything else to do, i mean this is a gem, a real shiner, lol.

Post pics :thumbsup:

The last black eye I had was when my friend threw a rubber doorstop and it hit me right below my eye where the lower lid is sort of. He didn't mean to hit me but it definitely left a shiner.

I think you just have to let it heal on its own because its just like a normal bruise anywhere else you would get one. I know how you feel though wanting it to go away, because you feel like in public everyone is staring at you and thinks that you got you butt kicked in a fight. :ride: You should see what happened to the other guy.

...remember ROCKY..."cut me Mick"

You could cover it with an eyepatch... than people will just think you're a pirate.

Just don't forget the parrot.

Ice but not direct contact and time. Make sure the ice is wrapped, cool relieves swelling, to cold further damages cells and makes it worse.


I got a shiner near the end of my last race. I started icing it as soon as I got off the trail, continued through the award presentation, most of the 2+ hour trip home, and then a little more that night.

Still a shiner, but no swelling.:thumbsup:

i will get pics, its pretty harsh but you guys might wanna see it......

...remember ROCKY..."cut me Mick"

what does that mean? do you cut a bruise so the swelling blood goes down?

Oh we wana see it..

well, heres a pic from today, its actually much better now, but its still pretty bad, worst thing is i dont even remeber being hit there........also, it makes me look chubby, but that is just all swollen, its a huge bump. kids said the other boy was pretty messed up aswell, 2 black eyes and what not, just not as bad as mine, fat lips, split forehead, and maybe a broken nose, but what can i say, the kid deserved it.


I think your supposed to ice it like a ope fracture(the one where the bone sticks out) dont directly ice the area just ice around it in 15 minute increments until the swelling starts to go down, it wont completely go away but it will lessen the swelling and speed up healing time.

take Ibuprofen based pain relievers they are an anti-inflammatory(God knows if I spelled that right) and of course ICE ICE ICE, also helps if you come up with a really good story that at least makes it more fun to tell hahaha

A bag of frozen pees.....A piece of steak, slice of potato....some heat and lets eat....

Get an X-ray to be sure you don't have a fracted eye socket.

Then ice.

No advil, motrin or ibuprofen. It increases the bleeding inside and subsequent swelling.

tylenol and ice or a bag of frozen peas works best

Man I'm gettin' hungry....Doc

I used the same technique as they use for fighters and it worked for me. I got hit in the eye with a piece of plywood shot off a table saw I was using, splitting my eyelid in an L shape, and split my eyebrow. As soon as I got to the hospital(10 min), I got an ice pack and began pressing it on the area as hard as I could stand it. I did this until they came to close it up(about 30 min). Now mind you, when I got to the hospital, my eye was so swollen I could barely see out of it. So using this technique, the next day, there was hardly any swelling, and very little discoloration. People could barely tell what had happened to me. If you ever watch boxing or UFC, that is what they do. Direct pressure( actually pushing on it) and extreme cold. It really works...

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