interchangeability of XR600 wheels?

Hi There,

I'd like to know the interchangeability of XR600(1992) wheels. Do they cross over to the XR650L, XR650R or the XR400?


Yes, all 4 will interchange.

Yes, all 4 will interchange.


I don't think so. I had a XR600 and the front wheel fit if I used the spacer but the rear did not.

i thk XR650L and XR400 yes...but XR650R is a no no...

i used to ride the XR600R yr 97...i did mod Sport rims from bolt on directly on the XR400...only differnt is the front caliper mounting...

My XR650L is able to use XR400R rear wheelset direct mount on...but when i want to use the wheelset on my XR650R,its a still waiting for result of the mod...the whole centre bushing need replacement...

I know that the 650R wheel will fit as I had one on my 600.

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