man I'm hopeless...need help w/ triple clamp removal

I have a 06 Honda XR650L that I bought a RSW alum. triple clamp and new 1 1/8 bars for. Question is, the triple tree 'looks' easy to remove (three nuts), but I can't get them to budge. Anyone know the procedure for replacing these?


ok guys and gals, I really need some input here...

I got the three bolt undone from the triple clamp and the new triple clamp on with the center bolt on. Problem...when I took the two side air valve nuts off, the entire front end "fell" forward/down. How the H%*# do I get it back up?? I've tried lifting/pulling it, but it no workie[}:thumbsup:]


It's a bit confusing by the way you're describing this. Is the front end down close to the wheel with the forks sticking way up? If so, have you loosened the lower triple clamp bolts to let the forks slide back down? If you don't have something under the center of the bike to support the front end off of the ground, you're fighting a loosing battle.

ahh..:thumbsup: , thanks jbird. That bit of info actually really help...

incase someone searches for this down the road...DON'T remove the air stem nuts to remove the triple clamp. Remove the large center nut and the two on each side that also function to hold the turn signal brackets on. IF YOU DO happen to remove the air stem nuts, you have to LIFT the bike back up (if you didn't happen to know to place some think a egg create...under the skid plate). Once jbird posted, I went to my neighbor's to borrow his Cherry Picker (motor lift) to raise the front of the bike back up.:ride:

Thank you again jbird!


I think I understand what you did now; no, do not remove the fork caps. There are two bolts on either side of both upper and lower triple clamps that hold the forks in place. You should only have to loosen the upper clamp to replace it along with removing the center steering stem nut. On the XRL, there are some other support brackets for the head light and instrument cluster that have to be unbolted to replace the upper triple clamp. Yes, always use a bike stand, tall milk crate, or something under the center of the bike to get the front wheel off of the ground when servicing the front end.

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