Optional tire size

Can someone help me with an optional tires size for a 05 WR450. The stock tire size for this bike is hard to come by. I am looking for DOT approved Dual Sport tires for my WR450. Any reccomendations.

Thanks in advance.

The WR rear tires are 110/100-18. Fronts are 80/100-21. There are tons of tires out there in these sizes that'll fit and they're only hard to come by if you don't look for 'em. If they list the width in inches, i.e. 4.10, 4.60, etc., then just mulitply by 25.4 for the corresponding metric size...SC

Search "Kings tire" found them by accident,. most products are DOT even the more aggressive knobbys and reasonably priced, did I say "cheap"

try bikebandit.com:thumbsup:

We got the Dunlop 907 in the 130 size on the WR250F and WR450F.

It is a wide tire, road legal (FIM legal too), but doesn't last long at all. I got about 3 rides out of the tire on the WR450F, back when the bike was stock! :bonk:

I have tried a Dunlop 606 (not sure if DOT tire?), it lasted a while, but didn't have much traction at all off road. I find I get the same life out of the Dunlop 952's, but with TONS more grip! :thumbsup:

I run dunlop 952's in a 120 size, I know they are not road legal, but I find them the perfect size for my bike. I have got a Dunlop 952 in a size 110 on the back of my WR450F at the moment, but I find the lack of traction negates any handling benefits that the smaller, narrower tire might provide.

Is there a specific reason you want a DOT approved Dual Sport tire? :ride:

I know the cops over here don't give a crap.

I run dunlop 952's in a 120 size, I know they are not road legal, but I find them the perfect size for my bike.

Thats good to know, I just put that tire on the bike yesterday

I'm street legal but never run a DOT tire. I was up at big bear riding yesterday and the sheriff was more concerned about my mirrors and turn signals than the tires. He never looked at them. You should look at the Pirellii tires. They are dot approved offroad tires instead of dual sport tires.

Regarding the size... I like the Dunlop 952. The first two I had were 120's. They were pretty brauny but gave me pretty good traction. However, I now have a 110 on there and I can control it better when brake sliding, both at speed and in low speed downhill situations.

As my riding skills improve, I am learning how to use the throttle and brakes to help control my traction or lack thereof, whichever I need at the momemt. The 110 size tire allows for more control in my opinion and still has great traction.

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