Need your suggestion on tank bag securing

I think this method will work just fine but maybe someone has another suggestion ?

Each end of the orange bungee has a hook but I don't want to secure by hooks because it won't position it right on the shroud. I want to leave hooks in place on bag and simply secure middle of cord with a bolt, washers and a few nuts, having the cord fit between two washers that are locked in place by nuts.

The bags will be canted much farther forward then in sideview picture and fit shroud area great.

Any other ideas instead of the bolt/washer/nut method ?

I got it at Tractor Supply Company for $37, thanks to TT member Jeff@TheQuadShop >>>>>>>> his bike below >>>

Details here (from another website)

edit ....... maybe a hook with threads on for nut would be better :thumbsup:




Hey Huffa I was thinking maybe one of those stick on towel hooks. You know the one with the 3M adhesive. You can get them very small and even probably color match. Some you can even slide out of its 'boss' when you are done. That might work if oriented right for your bungee? Just my 2.

Take a piece of flat aluminum abut 1/2 inch wide and bend one end into a hook. Make the body long enough to put a couple of bolts through plastic to secure it. If you use a single attach point, it will more than likely break on first impact.

Thanks for you suggestions guys but I just simply drilled one hole and installed these eye hooks that I cut a gap into (couldn't find small open end jobs) & put rubber ends on them, worked out great and you don't even really notice them.

I actually bought the plastic self stick jobs but felt they may break and the self stick probably would not of held either. The straps are real taught, lot of pull on them and then you start packing it up, well you get the pic, it needs a lot of strength.


velcro on the tank? (just the hook side)

velcro on the tank? (just the hook side)

Does not need it, it's really solid ! :thumbsup:

Unless you meant just to use that but no, wouldn't work, as the hook serves two functions, holding it down tight and also cants them forward towards the shrouds so they are as far away possible from your knees.

They are more forward now.


This is a older post and just thought I'd update how I mounted my bag. It's a solid setup (tested 700 miles) with no knee interference at all, at least from me (5'11) & another TT guy (6'2) .





There are 3 zipper compartments on each side + the small flap ones on top, which I really didn't bother to use at all.

Like mentioned before I got mine at TSC (Tractor Supply Company) but they are available at quite a few places.

WOW, I thought I got a steal/deal at $37, here they are at close out price !!

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