kick starter not recoiling

I have a 1999 yz400 that I recently rebuilt, I have almost put everything back together but have a quesiton before I go any futher. I just put on the kick start and tried it, everything seems to turn over fine but the kickstarter does not recoil back up it just stays where ever you stop it. It goes back easy if you push it back. Is it possible it does not return because I have not added oil yet?, or do I have to rip the side off again? any help would be greatly appreciated as I really want to get out and ride.

yeah that is how everything started out, I am guessing maybe the spring came out of the little holder hole when I put the cover on. Would the side cover still have gone on easy if that would have slid out?

definitely nothing to do with the oil level, something is not together right in there.

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