Anyone been to Kennedy Meadows, CA?

I'm looking for new places to ride (especially with California's GD red sticker :) laws). What kinds of trails will I find there? Is camping available there or nearby motels? Would it be worth the 2-1/2 to 3 hour drive? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


A zillion years ago I went there. Don't remember details other than it's awesome riding with huge pine tree's .. Planning on going there when it warms up a bit.


I have not been to Kennedy Meadows in over 10 years, but it was some of the best riding I ever did in Calif. My friends and I used to go there 2-3 times a year. There were plenty of campgrounds, some spots had water hook ups and the improved campgrounds had toilets. There are no motels anywhere close (within an hour). It is definitely worth the time. I'd like to get back there one of these days. Have a good ride there.

Altitude is from about 6,000 ft to over 9,000 ft., so have your jetting right.

Thanks guys for the replies.

ThumperTalk is a great place. I posted this question on most of the other forums and without fail, one or more of you responded with helpful and informative replies. And everyone of you said it was a great place to ride, so I'll definitely be heading up there soon. Thanks again.


Kennedy Meadows is a great place to ride. We go

at least 3 times a year. Well worth the drive.

Kennedy Meadows is awesome. Be sure to have an SA and a quiet exhaust. They are trying to close everything down up there! There are several good USFS campgrounds, but no motels to speak of. next to the riding I have done in Colorado, it ranks among the best places for mountain riding I have been.

Go. You won't be disappointed. I've been up there twice on dual sport rides in July. I can't believe they let us ride there. Fill up the tank and ride all day. You never go on the same trail twice. Very scenic...streams, meadows, trees, etc, with lots of single track. Some of the trails like Jack Ass trail can be challenging...mildly rocky. It wouldn't hurt to gear down one tooth up front. The most important thing is to make sure you have a good forest map. Study it in advance and get an idea where you're going. Then pay attention to the trail signs. It's easy to get semi lost. You just keep going and you'll find your way again. Bring a lunch and take a friend. You may not see someone for hours...maybe all day.

OK, if anyone says I told you this I will deny it. All my riding buds say that we should never say the riding there is good. OK, I won't. It's GREAT!!! No motels, all dry camping. Many of the trails are snowed in until summer. This year probably ok in May but I have seen years where it opened in early July. Trails are narrow, there is 2-way traffic and the loops are long. If you are dual sport legal there are some nice shortcuts you can take or haul to new staging areas by car.

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