03 yz450 not starting for first time

hey guys i went out to start my 03 yz450 today and it never started. This was very different from normal where it starts within the first 2 kicks every time. I have yet to replace my spark plug since owning it, but ive heard its a pain in the but so i dont want to do that untill i know its the plug for sure.

Some things the bike was doin:

1) After kicking several times smelled gas from exhaust

2) Really loud backfire on a few kicks

and cant think of anything else right now

Sounds fuel related or carb issue but could also be valve adjustment time

my 426 did it friday. put new plug in. second kick fired right up

yea it sounds like the bike is choking trying to start it not getting fuel or air but then when i kick gas fumes come out of the exhaust. Could this have anything to do with the fuel screw and where its set.

Replace the plug, it will prolly start then. Yes it is a bugger to do, but really it isnt all that hard if you are at home and have a few tools. I had to change mine at a track and didnt have tools. Still only took like 15 min, and that was my first time.

ok ill replace the plug, have to wait till tuesday to pick one up, and ill see how that works. I tried to start it again today and it actually started for about 1 sec and then died with a really loud backfire, does that hopefully sound spark plug related??

Probably, I had a Yamaha 250F that was doing basically the same thing, and putting in a new plug solved it.

What is the LAST thing you did to it ? change air filter,oil or anything double check you work there first. Have never changed the plug !!!!! well regardless it needs a plug.

haha no ive never changed the plug, i should have said it differently though, Its an 03 but it was stored and never ridden until last winter so it hasnt been a year yet on the plug, but it would have probably been time for a change anyways. Im just hoping the spark plug is the problem.

Mine acted just like yours, I replaced the pplug kicked it twice, and all was good.

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