2002 YZF came home with me today!

I know this is the WR forum, but this is where I started making my posts and researching for a bike. I bought a 2002YZ250F today. I went down to the 250 because I'm new to the motorcycle world and thought that the 426's would be too much for me. I would like to thank all the TT people who sent me posts and emails. All the information was appreciated. From reading posts here and talking to riders, I was definately getting a Yamaha and I'm very happy with my choice. Although, starting the thing is tricky, but I'm practicing and making progress. Gotta break it in, and get some riding gear. Thank again.


For what my opinion is worth, you made a great choice. I got back into dirt 3 years ago when my 5 year old began mx'ing. His 50cc Cobra had more suspension travel than anything I ever owned in the 70's. I started all over. As a racer, I still suck, but mx is like sex: You don't have to be good to enjoy it! I simply pick out the guy that finished just ahead of me last time and go after him. A word of warning: The +40 Class is not composed of novices or "old-guys". Anybody racing at that age, except me it seems, is STILL racing. Age and treachery overcomes...And if there happens to be a "B" class for beginners like you and me, enter the "A" class for a bigger trophy since all those sandbaggers who raced pro in the '70s and 80s will now sign up in the B leaving only 3 of you in A at the most. Got it?

The light weight, diesel truck pulling power, and forgiveness for poor shifting (compared to a 2 stroke) makes that 250F a perfect choice. Did I mention it FLIES!! You outgrow that power band, you will be A Class.

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