Foremane Lake Trail

*I posted a whole vacation thread (with riding around Luzerne as well) in the Thumpette Forum but here's the section on Foreman Lake*

So 2 weeks ago my brother got married in Traverse City so Jonathan and I decided to make a vacation out of it. It wasn't planned as a riding trip, but we took the bikes along to use if/when we wanted to. We knew there were some pretty crazy trails in the UP so we'd rather have them and try to ride them, than be mad we didn't.

I actually don't have any pictures from Traverse City and the wedding. So many other people were taking pics that I didn't even bother. Of course, I still haven't gotten copies of theirs either, but oh well. So our photo doc begins by wave.gif to NiceUserName's exit off the high way...


The we made our way up to Mackinaw City and the Mighty Mack bridge (sorry about the sideways photos, webshots sucks for that).


I've had friends from around the country be quite surprised at how blue and beautiful the waters around Northern Michigan are. If we had palm trees, you'd think you were somewhere tropical. This was taken right as we got on the Mackinaw Bridge heading over to the UP.


So we're trying to find the house we are staying at. Roads on a map vs. reality in the UP can be interesting with seasonal roads, logging roads etc. We had no clue what this house was like, all we knew was that it was ON lake superior. Most of the beaches on Lake Superior are very weather beaten and rocky. We were kind of tucked away in a little bay and this is what we got!

(Sorry about the sideways thing...anyone know if photobucket lets you rotate photos?)


So, we got up there Sunday afternoon and just kind of hung out a bit. Monday we decided to take off and ride a little loop called Foreman Lake, and another loop right by it called Birch Hill. We get to Foreman Lake and this is the trail head..

p><p> A dirt roads ends into a Seasonal Road and this is where we found our trail. The trails in the UP don


here is a little ferny/sandy meadow area...


The trees weren't TOO dense but it was definitely cut narrow to keep the kwads out. It was only 13 miles but it took is like 2-2.5hrs to do! I'm sure if we got to trail ride more than, say, every 2 months, we'd be a little more efficient but oh well, it was super fun. There was a down tree that was hovering over the trail and springy, with branches in very inconvenient locations. Why we didn't stop for pics of that? I don't know. Jonathan's bike kinda got launched over it...then I was like...what the hell, its not every day I get to try to cross something like this. Thought about all the steps in my head, creeped up to it, gas gas gas, pop the clutch into wonder wheelie up and over! I couldn't believe it. I guess my front wheel was pretty freakin high...I'm just proud of myself for not bailing and actually riding it out! The trail turned into this really strange white shale/glacial type rock. I don't even know what kind of rock it really is. But the section is so pretty that this picture does NOT do it justice. This picture almost makes it look like white brick pavers, but in reality, this is where my insides got jumbled the most (hance the kidney belt thread)...


Me coming out of a really rough section of it...insides already going "&%$#@! is happening here?!?"


We took the off-shoot to go see Foreman "lake" I'd hardly call it a lake but oh well...



So then there was this rock step/shelf thing...there was this section with a massive rut in black dirt to 90 turn up hill to 18-24" slate rock step...I said my prayers...dropped the clutch and before I could even get both feet up they were flailing and I just slide off the back of the bike and let it go...graceful huh?





Then we came into this other area of the trail that seemed to be like a...rock garden, for lack of better words. I'm sure it would be easier with more speed, but not knowing the trail and as tight as it would get...I just kind of chugged and plunked along...



After a few wrong turns we made it back to the truck going "OMG, what just happened to us?" Our guts hurt and so were our egos when we realized it took us over 2hrs to go ~13 miles. It was already about 3 or 4 so we decided to just call it a day, not sure what the 9 mile Birch Hill loop would have to throw at us. After the fact we found out from some others that Birch Hill is even rockier and hillier. I think that was a good call on our part to head home.

Great ride report! I go through the U.P. all the time on my way to my brother's over by Cheboygan. Maybe one of these times I'll actually stop and ride there. :thumbsup:

Highly advised! Foreman Lake was fun even though it was short...and from what I hear, we didn't ever get to ride the best that the UP has to offer.

Looks "SWWWWWEEEEEETT" ! Glad you had a good time.

we did Foreman lake and birch hill 2 yrs ago during the six days, it was the first day of the ride, we started and did the Kinross loop then birch hill and foreman lake I can't remember which on we did first but is was a butt kicker, we got lost on the return and we ended up with 169 miles on the ODO. for one day of riding. It was my first time doing the six days and was like maybe this wasn't such a good idea.. but rest of the week was definitley easier, we did EDrummond on the third day in THE RAIN!!!, and it was a blast, got soaked and ended up in a 31/2 ft deep rut full of water but it was a great ride. if you had fun on foreman lake try drummond.

We got a bit turned around too. Not a big deal when you know you'll be running into a big highway like M72 of M33 or something...but up there...whew. I think we'll be buying a GPS for ourselves for a Christmas present. Even having an odometer would've helped.

Love the Pics... I have heard from a good authority that the guy who maintains those trails does it on an old Honda FatCat.

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