Handguard mounting question

I see some nice handguards on ebay and alot of them say they will mount on 7/8 inch bars. HOWEVER, I just ordered a set of Pro Taper 1 1/8 inch bars. Does anyone know if they taper down to 7/8 inch fast enough to use handguards that are made for the smaller diameter?


No unfortunately you'll need the 1 1/8" pieces to mount your handguards to. Once past the grip/lever area they start to bulge out very quickly.

Thank you very much for that info Husky. At least I know what I'm looking for now:thumbsup:

You may also think about another type of mount. The mounts that mount to the bars will sometimes spin on a good get off. I have tried the triple clamp mounts and have no complains with them but by far the Bonz Mounts are the best I have seen.


Legal Disclaimer- By no means is the post meant to put down any equipment on someones bike or to say there are not people out there who have never seen bar mounts spin or cut break lines.

With a legal disclaimer like that you'll be the first person I call next time I end up in jail:p

Thanks for the link:prof:

Haaaa, just didn't want to offend anyone.

It's all fun and games until you're wandering around West Virginia looking for a brake line for a 92 XR6 isn't it Whitebone?

Right up to the point when you hear battling banjos in the woods.:thumbsup:

Right up to the point when you hear battling banjos in the woods.:thumbsup:

Glad you brought that up....here's our little thesbian in the woods at Hatfield-McCoy, WV!!!! Enjoy.


ps. This has nothing to do with handguards. Hijack off.

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