Question on gearing...

I have an 05 wr450, stock gearing, fmf pipe, etc...

I ride in enduros, hare n hounds, etc... in the socal desert. I also do dual sport rides, but mostly technical stuff.

I often find myself riding in high rpm second or low rpm third gear. I am always clicking between 2nd and 3rd to try to keep the engine spinning at rpm's that will still give me some accelleration. But I end up shifting too much.

If I go to a 13 tooth counter sprocket, I am thinking that I will have a little more pull when in low rpm third and can acclerate better. This way I can lug it more in third and then accelerate when I have to.

But... will it make 1st gear worthless for me? What will it do to my overall top end (that I rarely use anyways). What will be the effect on gas mileage? Thanks.

I fit a 13 tooth front 2 weeks ago to my 05 WR450.

Now running 13/50 and I love it.

You will notice the improvement in that 3rd can be used more often and yes it will reduce the amount of shifting if you were using 2/3 gear often.

On the downside 1st is pretty low but still usable in the REALLY tight and knarly stuff.

Fuel consumption will increase (as if it could get any worse!)

I like the fact it will crawl down the hills a wee bit slowler as well with reduced gearing.

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