How do I liven up the motor on my XR650L

I did a search before I posted this, I didn't find anything. I have a 1993 XR650L and I enjoy riding it but the motor is a little flat. I had an 1988 NX650 that had been "XR'ed" and it would run circles around this bike. I don't need hard hitting power, my 450 does that just fine. I just want the motor to feel less plugged up. The bike has the AMS smog replacement kit and a Supertrapp exhaust, other than that it is stock. I look forward to getting this thing running a little better.

Do a search for Dave's mods and follow the instructions:prof: I know there's a link to the step by step page and I'm sure someone will post it. look at this post... im doing the mods tomorrow. i hear that they are the best things you can do for your bike in the stock form. hope this helps you. i have done alot of research and EVERYONE says these are the "free" mods to wake the bike up.

Stage 1 Hotcam is a simple ( & fairly inexpensive) mod if you want a bit more ooomph

Thanks guys! Unfortunately both of these mods have been done already. I think the Ol' Pig is tired. I have decided to pull the top end down and have a look. She just don't have the power she should and the bike has been on a couple of Baja trips before I bought it. I have done a couple off 300 mile days on it and plenty of singletrack. I know, I know, it not a singletrack bike but my 450 is a "red-sticker" and I was "jonesing" for some of the good stuff. I just got home from a day of dusty singletrack riding. It is harder to do on the pig but it is better than a ticket or sitting at home on the couch!

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