How come....

Everytime I go to a dealer or parts store to pick up a needle or jet, I get looked at like I some kind of freak? "Why would you want to do that for? All you have to do is adjust the fuel screw." "Our Dyno tests all indicate the stock jetting is correct for the Mile High altitude." "just adjust the screw man."

So I went to pick up a 42 pilot. I get crap from the counter boy. I say "Dude, do you own a 400?" He says no. I say everyone out here is changing their jetting after extensive testing and advice and having great results. "Why should I listen to you...who just tune it and release it with no testing what so ever."

Give me the damn jet, take my money and give me my change.


You should have heard the "advice" I was receiving when I called Excel Yamaha for a 35 pilot jet! I wish I would've seen his face! Atleast this guy attempted to get me to change the pilot jet to a 45...and not just tweak the pilot screw...

Between the goofed up parts fiche (for part #'s) and the "expert jetting advice", these guys have really got it down... :)

You'd think that they would atleast want to have a clue before spewing out jetting advice...


Dougie what jetting have you found that works well. I'm in Aurora and just got a used 2000 WR400, seems to be ok but just wondering what your best set up is and your bike set up is. Thanks


i think you'll recognisze this scenario;

your 15 and you walk in the bike shop and you ask "how fast mister?", at 18 you say "when i get the money together i'm having one of them, what's it really like?" at 22 you try to impress with you knowledge of each model and that you "would like the one in the window but next years model will be even better".

at 30 you walk in and just tell them what you want.

the storeman says (basically) aren't you going to ask me lots of questions to help me with my self-fulfilling ego?

"no, just gimme the jets"



As far as jetting is concerned, try the following to get "close": 42PJ (stock in '01WR), 75PAJ (stock in '01WR), 1.5 turns pilot screw, EKQ (Yamaha part # 5JG-14916-E1), clip position #3, 160 main jet, 200 main air jet (stock in '01WR). I have an "uncorked" stock WR if you have a more restrictive system, you might want to lean out the main a bit (5 or 10?) and play with the clip position.

I still have a lot of experimentation to do (with smaller pilot jetting), but this jetting (below) flat out rips compared to the stock jetting in your bike. Dougie's running the same thing...with the exception of him using a 45 pilot jet...but he'll be changing back to a 42 any day now.


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