Oil Change WR450f 06 model

Hi guys,

I have a quick question re: the oil guage on a wr450f 06 model.

This is the second time i have changed the oil and filter and for some reason this time i am not getting an oil reading off the dip stick. I have been on a long ride once since the change and on initially checking the stick it has oil on it but once i stop the bike .. let it rest for about a minute and check it again with a dry dip stick it doesnt show anything on it.

Any thoughts as to why i cant get a reading on the dip stick?

Definately placed just over 1.1lt of oil and have never checked the oil strainers near the drain bolt.

You get a correct reading on these dry sump motors warmed up fully. Check the oil after you get it hot. If you've done a high speed run, let it idle a minute or less before you check it. Check it right after you shut it off or soon after.

+1 on the above post. WR and Honda XR's have dry sump oil pumps. As said above, the engine must idle for a while (a few minutes at least). Shut the engine and imediately remove the dipstick; wipe it off; re-insert it (don't screw it in); then when you remove it you'll have the correct reading.

With dry sump type of lubrication, if you wait to long the oil will migrate to the bottom of the ingine case beyond the reach of the dipstick (hence the dry dipstick reading)

I hope this helps.

thanks for the reply guys .....

i took the bike for a 5 min ride through each gear came back and as recommended checked the oil after idle for a couple of minutes.

Still no reading !!!

I am 200% sure i have put the right amount of oil and there is no leaks evident.

I cant see why it wouldnt show on the dipstick !!!!:thumbsup:

You can be just a "little" low and be just below the dipstick. Try adding a little at a time and rechecking.

Do you ever get a reading of oil on the dipstick?

The book tells you to start the bike let it idle for afew minutes, then shut it off and check it withen a few minutes. I'm on my 5th Yamaha 4-stroke and this is how I've always done it with no problems to thish point.

Start it...let it idle....wait...check level.

This is my second oil change on the bike .. the first time it worked perfectly and was always able to read it from the stick ... nto sure what is happening this time.

Could the oil strainer have anything to do with it? This has never been checked since new but most people say that the strainer is so coarse that you will rarely find anything in it .. hence why i havent check it yet.

I would'nt worry about the strainer. I cleaned mine after break in and it was a pain and I found nothing in it. Just check the oil the proper way and add a little oil right away to top it off if needed. Do not let the bike cool before you do so, you need a fully warmed up engine for a correct reading. If you're still concerned, drain the oil and measure what comes out and start over. For peace of mind loosen the oil gallery bolt (8mm head right side of motor above the cylinder bolt next to the oil line) to check oil pressure if you haven't done so. With motor running if no oil seeps out with bolt loosened (not removed) You have a problem. Have a wrench handy to tighten this bolt in a hurry to avoid a mess. Maybe you've done this already, just trying to help.

Did you bleed the oil system after the oil and filter change? If you do not bleed the system, the oil will not circulate properly which is bad for the engine and may be causing the issue you are seeing. This is covered in your manual.

Did you bleed the oil system after the oil and filter change? If you do not bleed the system, the oil will not ciculate properly which is bad for the engine and may be causing the issue you are seeing. This is covered in your manual.

Bleeding the oil system? Umm, there is nothing about this in the manual other than the procedure for checking the pressure via the oil gallery bolt. The oil pump isn't a vacuum sealed system like the brakes. There's always going to be air in there bro...SC

Yip, you need to bleed it, in the 06 manual, also confirms you have oil circulating before going for that long ride. I do this on all oil changes.

There is no mention of bleeding in the 06 manual?

On page 3-18 they refer to checking the oil pressure .. is this what you are reffering to?

Same thing. I think I read somewhere that was actually done to ensure that oil was getting to the top end after a filter change.

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