1998 xr600 hub part numbers?

anyone have the honda hub part numbers front and rear for my 1998 xr600?

thanks in advance

Front hub: 44635-MAG-870

Rear hub: 42635-MAG-870

Front hub: 44635-MAG-870

Rear hub: 42635-MAG-870

thank you sir!

couple more questions. where can i go online to figure out what bikes interchange with an xr600 of this age. looking around and doing searches has me thinking an xr400 rear of approximately the same year will work. what about 650l's? and what years of the same xr600 (like 91 on ?) these has to be somewhere online somebody has all this listed....doesnt there? looking for stock hubs to send off and get laced to some 17" so i can go motard. almost bought a streetbike (131.5 hp 2003 zrx1200 kawi..like i needed this much bike)this weekend but really dont want to part with the xr600 or the extra cash. its just too much fun and i figure it'll be lots more so with the street setup. any help is appreciated.

What I would do in your case to see what other wheels may fit is to look at the wheel bearings. If you try to look up the part numbers from Honda, they deliberately change the part numbers for different bike models just so that you can't interchange. At least that is my theory. It is probably really just so that they can track which bikes are consuming the most parts. But I like my theory better.

Anyway, I would look up some aftermarket wheel bearings, and then see what other bikes that part number crosses over with. This will give you an idea of what other hubs may fit. For the next step, I would then go and find someone with that bike, so that you can measure the hub width to make sure that the brakes and sprocket will line up without to much trouble. If the hub is a little narrow, you can make spacers to get stuff lined up right (although it is not entirely recommended), but if it is too wide, you are screwed. Heck, you may find that there are some ready made 17" street bike wheels (from a early-mid '90s crotch rocket) that may just bolt on without too much hassle.:thumbsup:

I would go and check out some supermoto forums for the street bike wheels if you think you may want to go that route. I'm not into the supermoto thing (yet!), so this is something that is a little (lot) out of my league.

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