Hey guys

Been out of the scene for a while.

Been for two rides in 7 months because of work.

The juicy bit am sticking my USD's from either my CRF500 4stroke or CRF450X on to my BRP this weekend and then i'll know for myself and if it sux i'll swap em back.

Also mild porting,decking the head and shaving a lb from the fly.

Anyhoo i'll let ya know.

Any info appreciated.

later guys

Man, i had the port work on my 650 and I'm not happy with the outcome. Power loss in 4th and 5th gear, fuel range drop...

Maybe I had a poor job done, but i was happier with the head in the stock form.

My engine guy is good Strada just a mild cleanup and shaving a few thou from the head,can't go wrong.

i read a post recently from a guy who said the heads on the R flow as about as good as they ever will stock. he was not happy with the ones he ported.

Dunno Marty the ports on an R are OK but still a bit can be done,mild clean up will help heaps.

One thing in matching the exhaust ports with the headers and the intake with the manifold, and another is to get portwork. With port work they modify the geometry of the head to change the flow pattern. The first one is a great thing to do (i understand that team honda used to do that in the Mighty 1X XR650R); the second is what I did and didn't like.

BTW anyone has a stock head for sale?

Just a clean up and deck it a few thou simple stuff.

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