preparing for the inevitable

At 6.2 215 the fox chest protector I have comes to slightly above the bottom of my rib cage... this is pretty good 'cause then I'll only break 2 or 3 ribs (as opposed to all of them) :) Without going all the way to goalie, michelin man or similar (this is how I dress my seven year old for the trails)... anybody know of larger more protective protector?

Im about 6'00 and my answer stylus works for me [cover's my rib cage ]

Try the Acerbis Zoom 2 Plus, it's made for the taller riders, I use one and at 6'1 it provides great coverage, at 175 lbs I have to pull the straps all the way to the end and it's still alittle loose. This might be just right for you, hope this helps.

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